Quality Products

The core focus of customers is the quality of buses, which is also the foundation to achieve the operating income. With consummate manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art technologies, Yutong has realized the perfect combination of safety, reliability, comfort, energy-efficiency, environment friendliness and intelligence so as to manufacture quality buses for you with heart and soul.

Your Better Choice

Yutong is committed to creating greater value for you. We not only provide you with satisfactory products, but also undertake to deliver the products to you timely and provide you with trusted service.


  • Rollover test

    Yutong has conducted many rollover tests with the tilt angle reaching 42°(National standard 35°). The deformation after rolling is very small and the bus can still run after the rollover test. This meets all European standards, which provides a safety guarantee for the operating.

  • Crash test

    Yutong is the first one in China’s bus industry to conduct the crash test. The vehicle had minimal deformation after the crash test, and the driver still had enough space for survival without being trapped.


  • Research on ergonomics

    Yutong has set up multiple test models to study the driver comfort, fields of vision, body & thigh spaces, manipulation convenience, etc. in a bid to improve the performance of vehicles from the perspective of drivers.

  • Research on the A/C performance

    CFD technology —— Simulate the flow field of the air duct of bus air conditioner. Modification of 6 key items —— Make the temperature throughout the internal bus more even and provide a more comfortable environment for passengers.

  • Research on noise

    By using the same test rig for materials of the Shenzhou V spacecraft, Yutong has taken corresponding improvement measures to reduce the noises inside and outside the vehicle and upgrade the passenger transportation service.

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