Yutong telematics system

Based on the diversified management needs of different companies, Yutong launched the pioneering solutions of five segments, covering public transport, highway passenger transit, tourism coaches, commuters and school buses, and provided more precise services to customers.

Intelligent monitoring

  • Real-time video surveillance
  • Timely sending of scheduling information
  • Automatic inspection of irregularities
  • 90% reduction of labor costs on identifying illegal driving behaviors

Safety guarantee

  • Operation violation alarm
  • Dangerous driving alarm
  • Playback of running track
  • Passenger overload alarm

Energy consumption management

  • Statistical analysis of fuel consumption
  • Analysis of fuel-efficient driving
  • Analysis and remediation of vehicles with high energy consumption
  • Average 10% increase on energy saving rates

Repair & maintenance management

  • Automatic reminder of maintenance
  • Real-time monitoring of vehicle faults
  • Automatic creation of maintenance plan
  • 50% increase of maintenance efficiency
  • 5% reduction of maintenance costs

Operation management

  • Systematic matching management of vehicles and drivers
  • Scientific analysis and management with one-vehicle-one-archive system
  • Accurate management of electronic fence and mileage statistics
  • 10% reduction of inefficient mileages

Yutong telematics system

Based on Internet of Things, cloud computing and big data technologies, Vehicle+ has the capability of accessing to ten millions of equipments, processing ten billions of messages as well as saving and mining enormous amount of data.
Based on an open platform, Vehicle+ provides multi-level integration capabilities and is committed to establishing a telematics ecosystem that integrates Yutong's upstream and downstream industrial chains.
Targeting the Industry 4.0, Vehicle+ is an industry-linked and Internet of things platform which achieves intelligent manufacturing of whole vehicle and cloud services by means of data mining and artificial intelligence.

Whole vehicle / driveline matching technology

Daily submitted data: 1.5 billion
In 2020, the accessed vehicle number rose by 38% y-o-y, and reached 19,6000 units.
In 2020, the access capacity of Vehicle+ to terminals of Internet of Things reached the million level.
In 2020, the number of accessed enterprises of the platform reached 17,151 with over 37,774 users.
Compatible for the access of multiple terminals, video and map providers
Daily data processing capacity: 20 billion transactions
Current data processing frequency: 50,000 transactions/second
Data processing capacity: 200,000 transactions/second
Daily data storage capacity: 500G

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