Yutong’s 5G-Enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution

  • Intelligent Bus

    Future design

    Autonomous driving

    Remote driving

    Efficient and eco-friendly

  • Smart Road

    Bus priority at traffic signals

    Blind spot monitoring

    Collaborative beyond-visual-range perception

    Collaborative decision-making and control

  • Intelligent Bus Stop

    Visible route information

    Seamless transfer

    Intelligent interaction

    User-centered equipment

  • Unmanned Bus Terminal

    Cloud control center

    Unmanned operation

    Intelligent monitoring

  • Autonomous Charging System

    Intelligent charging scheduling

    Autonomous parking

    Autonomous charging

    Autonomous returning

  • Cloud Control Platform

    Real-time total-factor monitoring

    Transport efficiency analysis

    Management of 5G-enabled Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure

    Remote vehicle control

    High-precision 3D map

Yutong 5G Enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution

Yutong L4 Autonomous Driving Bus“ XIAO YU”

Yutong 5G Enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution

Promotional Video of Intelligent Auto-Buses

History and milestones


Yutong’s 5G-enabled intelligent buses started open-road trial operation on the Intelligent Island of Zhengzhou


Yutong’s L4 autonomous driving bus debuted at the Bo’ao Forum for Asia


Yutong all-electric road sweeping truck


Autonomous driving all-electric buses began regular operation in the Yutong Industrial Park


Yutong’s first-generation autonomous driving buses had open-road trial operation on the Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Highway

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