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Yutong’s 5G-Enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution

  • Intelligent Bus

    Future design

    Autonomous driving

    Remote driving

    Efficient and eco-friendly

  • Smart Road

    Bus priority at traffic signals

    Blind spot monitoring

    Collaborative beyond-visual-range perception

    Collaborative decision-making and control

  • Intelligent Bus Stop

    Visible route information

    Seamless transfer

    Intelligent interaction

    User-centered equipment

  • Unmanned Bus Terminal

    Cloud control center

    Unmanned operation

    Intelligent monitoring

  • Autonomous Charging System

    Intelligent charging scheduling

    Autonomous parking

    Autonomous charging

    Autonomous returning

  • Cloud Control Platform

    Real-time total-factor monitoring

    Transport efficiency analysis

    Management of 5G-enabled Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure

    Remote vehicle control

    High-precision 3D map

Yutong 5G Enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution

Yutong L4 Autonomous Driving Bus“ XIAO YU”

Yutong 5G Enabled Intelligent Mobility Solution

Promotional Video of Intelligent Auto-Buses

History and milestones


In April 2021, Xiaoyu 2.0 rolls off in batches, and the layout of Yutong Bus’s autonomous driving has ushered in an important moment


In October 2020, Yutong released the overall solution for smart travel, and the autonomous driving bus Xiaoyu 2.0 was launched nationwide.


Yutong’s 5G-enabled intelligent buses started open-road trial operation on the Intelligent Island of Zhengzhou


Yutong’s L4 autonomous driving bus debuted at the Bo’ao Forum for Asia


Yutong all-electric road sweeping truck


Autonomous driving all-electric buses began regular operation in the Yutong Industrial Park


Yutong’s first-generation autonomous driving buses had open-road trial operation on the Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Highway

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