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Yutong in Europe

On the basis of ensuring product quality and overseas services and after a long-term strategic layout, Yutong obtained the WVTA certification of EU, and officially entered the European market in 2004. The sales performance has seen a fast growing since 2011. So far, Yutong has delivered 5,917 buses and coaches to this area. Nowadays, more and more Yutong buses can be seen in France, UK, Slovakia, Norway, Iceland and other European countries.

Bus Delivery Ceremony of Yutong in UK

Yutong full electric buses enter the fairy tale kingdom - Denmark

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Yutong Bus Travel to Europe

During the promotion of new energy buses in the European market, Yutong has showcased its amazing strength. In the Busworld Kortrijk 2015, Yutong launched a full electric bus tailor made for the European market, which attracted wide public attention both at home and abroad. In 2017, Yutong exported 44 full electric intercity buses to France and became a main supplier of new energy buses in the country. At the end of October 2018, 20 units of Yutong full electric buses were delivered to Bulgaria, becoming the first batch of full electric buses entering the country. During the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armistice of the WWI held in Paris in November 2018, Yutong full electric buses became the carriers for the leaders of more than 60 countries.In 2019, 22 natural gas buses were put into operation in Bulgaria.In August, 33 full electric buses were successfully delivered to the Netherlands, marking Finland officially entered the era of full electric bus. In 2020, Yutong built the largest European spare parts warehouse for Chinese bus in France. In July, Yutong won Europe largetst ever order for full electric buses, and 102 full electric buses will be delivered to Norway.

Yutong Secured Biggest Ever Single Full Electric Bus Order in Europe !102 Full Electric Buses Will be Delivered to Norway

In mid-July, 102 units of Yutong full-electric buses began to be shipped to Norway.





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