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Precautions for Retarder Use


Correct use of the eddy current retarder is not only an important link to give play to the proper role of the retarder, improve the safety performance of the vehicle and raise the transporting efficiency, but also the key to ensure long-term steady operation of the retarder. The TELMA eddy current retarder is taken for example to introduce the use precautions:

Normally, use the manual mode as far as possible (slightly pause on each gear when using this mode), so as to greatly reduce the load on the wheel brake, prevent the wheel brake from overheating, and make sure that it is always in a good working state. Then, in case of an emergency, the driver can deal with it properly.

When the vehicle idles or drives on the icy, snowy or muddy road section, the vehicle's road adhesive force is low, especially the vehicle without the ABS. So, do not upshift too quickly when using joint control, so as to avoid wheelslip due to excessive force.

When driving in mountainous areas, especially during downhill for a long distance, remember not to continuously put the manual switch of the retarder on the highest gear position, so as to prevent the coil from  being burnt due to continuous overheating of the retarder. When the road surface is steep or when encountering a sharp bend, the main brake is used in combination with the retarder alternately according to the road condition to control the vehicle speed.

When the vehicle stops, if the manual switch doesn't return, return it to the neutral position timely, to prevent the retarder from getting overheated due to unnecessary electric energy consumption. Return the manual switch to the neutral position with one action without pause at the neutral gear position.

It is recommended not to use the retarder at 3 - 4 km or 10 min. before vehicle stop, for it needs to be fully cooled before stop, thus avoiding poor heat dissipation.

When the retarder is not used, make sure that the retarder working indicator lamp on the instrument panel has gone out; otherwise, check immediately and remove the fault. Remember not to continue to throttle up to drive the vehicle when the retarder is not in the normal operation status.

Always cut off the power master switch for the retarder when driving before removing the fault.

For more specific information, refer to the maintenance manual for the vehicle.

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