Yutong plays its part in Qatar Football Top Event

Providing more than 1500 Yutong buses including 888 BEVs; setting up a service team of 126 people to deliver high standard service to ensure the smooth operation of vehicles during the game; training 3000 drivers on vehicle driving, maintenance & repairing. This is the first time that a large batch of new energy buses have ever been introduced into a major international tournament against the background of global efforts in energy saving, carbon reduction and carbon peak. Yutong’s new energy bus, in addition to facilitating the event’s low carbon ambition, promoting the transformation of Qatar’s green public transport system, also delivers its own values to global environmental protection.


Important takeaways of Yutong’s service in Qatar Football Top Event

  • 1,400,000+

    More than 7000 working staffs and over 1.4 million fans are served by Yutong bus

  • 50,000+

    People take pure electric bus on a daily basis

  • 30%

    Yutong bus accounts for 30% of the operating vehicles in the grand event

  • 25%

    Yutong battery electric bus makes up 25% of the operating vehicles in the grand event


Products for Qatar football top event

E11 pro(ZK6118BEVG)

Qatar football mega event stadium shuttle bus.

  • Dimension(mm):11200*2550*3290
  • Seats:30+2+1
  • Order


Qatar football mega event working staff, journalist and official service vehicle.

  • Dimension(mm):12000*2550*3840
  • Seats:51+1
  • Fuel tank:465L
  • Order


Qatar football mega event working staff, journalist and official service vehicle.

  • Dimension(mm):12465*2550*3470
  • Seats:51+1
  • Order


Qatar football mega event subway, stadium shuttle bus.

  • Dimension(mm):6970*2100*2890
  • Seats:10+1
  • Order


Qatar football mega event subway, stadium shuttle bus.

  • Dimension(mm):7730*2410*3200
  • Seats:28+1
  • Order


Qatar football mega event subway, stadium shuttle bus.

  • Dimension(mm):7730*2410*3190
  • Seats:28+1
  • Fuel tank:150L
  • Order


Service for Qatar Football Top Event

Yutong has established a huge service team of 126 people and developed a dedicated service plan to provide services ranging from parts guarantee, whole-vehicle inspection, daily routine check, troubleshooting to green channel for parts and emergency quick response.

Before the game
During the game
  • 01

    Train customer’s driver, conduct comprehensive inspection on vehicles, hold joint operation drills with customers;

  • 02

    Ensure 100% check before vehicle operation and 888 battery electric vehicles are checked on a daily basis;

  • 03

    Work together with customer on spare parts storage;

  • 04

    Get familiar with the bus operation route, plan and reserve manpower accordingly, manpower assign and coordination according to operation needs during the game.

  • 01

    Keep track of vehicles operating on each route; make sure each vehicle is checked on a daily basis and respond quickly in case of a problem;

  • 02

    Keep monitoring background data; issue alarm in time when a problem is spotted and handle it quickly;

  • 03

    Interlink between TBS, customer to ensure the efficient, synchronized and timely transfer of information;

  • 04

    Draft daily work summary, be always prepared to deal with any abnormality, never sleep on problems and make work plan for the next day.


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