Yutong Autonomous Bus A5(Xiaoyu 2.0),
won the Red Dot Award,the most authoritative and professional award of industrial design globally.



Media report
Intelligent And Esthetical Yutong, Strive For Extraordinary

The Quality is both Intelligent and Esthetical

In terms of technology, Yutong has focused on three power systems including new energy plug-in, full electric and fuel cell, intelligent network connection, automatic driving and other projects and areas to form a series of intellectual property portfolio in recent years.

In terms of manufacturing techniques, Yutong has applied automatic spraying robot, automatic welding, advanced electrophoresis technology and other techniques. At the same time, ESP/ASR calibration facilities have been applied to the whole vehicle. The application of new technology and new materials optimizes the assembly and perfects Yutong’s production.


The Design is Intelligent and Esthetical

Expressing the future with design has always been the pursuit of Yutong personnel. Taking A5(Xiaoyu 2.0) for example, its ultra-large windows resemble the spaceship in science fiction movies. Through the simple and elegant curve design, the whole vehicle reflects a sense of technology shuttling between the present and the future. The driving lamps are fashion and viable. The cute image of the vehicle is in line with the aesthetic orientation of the current generation, especially the younger generation. The closeness in aesthetics has given A5(Xiaoyu) a stronger affinity.


The Technology is Intelligent and Esthetical

For years, Yutong has been deeply engaged in the field of intelligent network connection. Now Yutong are fully equipped to implement and construct urban intelligent transportation system around 6 core parts including smart car, smart road, smart station, unmanned field station, automatic charging, network control platform and 2 basic parts such as 5G network and intelligent network connection security.

Wisdom and beauty A5(Xiaoyu 2.0), gain Red Dot

Yutong A5(Xiaoyu 2.0), The front face, which is designed as a smile, is adopted to convey the feeling of happiness, friendliness and joy to passengers. The idea of overall space capsule design is full of future feeling, and is inspired by spaceships and interstellar cockpits; the sensors are reasonably laid out around the vehicle body, so that high-tech equipment and the body are organically integrated.

I am A5(Xiaoyu 2.0)


A5(Xiaoyu) Experience



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