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Service Month Activity 2014 in Philippines


To implement Yutong’s policy of “Upgrade core competitive advantages with good service and fully implement trusted service in overseas markets”, the service month activity was held in the Philippines market from May 10th to June 15th, 2014 based on the earlier market survey and upon the clients’ actual demands. this activity aimed to strengthen clients’ vehicle maintenance awareness, improve their vehicle repair capability, and increase clients’ parts reserve by visiting clients, inspecting vehicles and training clients, so as to ensure the vehicle availability. In such a way, clients would actually experience Yutong’s trusted service and be more satisfied with Yutong.

For end users’ buses, Yutong provided inspection either at the user’s premise or in the service station. For the inspection at the user’s premise, the service staff, together with two repair technicians from the service supplier, inspected the buses at the user’s premise. After each inspection, they immediately collected the identified problems and sent them to the service manager or service engineers so that they shall remind the users to conduct maintenance and service as required. Totally over 260 buses were inspected. Such service is commended by many clients, service managers and engineers because it can help them solve many potential problems and also learn more about the vehicle maintenance.They hope Yutong could hold more activities like this in the future, for such face-to-face exchanges made them feel Yutong’s service in a more realistic way, and trust more in Yutong.

Service Month Activity 2014 in Philippines

To improve the driver’s driving habits and technician’s repair capability, enable the drivers to operate Yutong buses expertly and make the engineers of the clients know how to conduct routine maintenance to Yutong buses, totally five trainings were organized, covering four clients, i.e., Victory, Genisis, Silver star and DMS. For other clients, Yutong presented them the vehicle maintenance schedule and fuel-saving driving booklet.

Service Month Activity 2014 in Philippines

Within this month, Yutong is recognized and commended by clients and their engineers by visiting clients, providing inspection of buses at clients’ premises, offering training and gifting parts package. Under restricted conditions, Yutong’s brand and service are publicized to the extent; meanwhile, Yutong helps clients reducing the operation cost and improving their bus availability. With our face-to-face care and visiting service, clients have truly felt Yutong’s “customer-focused” culture.

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