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Service Month Activity 2014 in Hong Kong


To care about the clients in Hong Kong, collect the latest information of end users, promote Yutong’s new bus models and improve Yutong’s product image in Hong Kong market, Yutong carried out the service month activity together with Cummins (Hong Kong), Winhoi Bus and Kaihua Automobile Service Co., Ltd in May 2014.

This activity consists of vehicle inspection and repair, client training and dissemination of policies.

1. Vehicle inspection in the service month:

This service month activity consists of braking force test, emission test and replacement of air filter elements, free of charge. Totally 297 buses were involved, with the mark “This bus has participated in Service Month Activity 2014 in Hong Kong” on the left lower corner of front windshield.

Service Month Activity 2014 in Hong Kong

                                                               Site A                                            Site B

2. Client training:

In this activity, Yutong distributed documents on maintenance intervals of after-treatment system to clients and drivers. in order to improve their awareness of maintenance to prevent failure caused by inadequate maintenance. Meanwhile, the booklets about fuel saving were also given to drivers, and drivers’ questions were addressed.

3. Dissemination of policies:

By utilizing ZK6122H bus for publicization on the site, the free-of-charge mandatory maintenance policies of Yutong were disseminated to clients to enable them to learn about the performance of the vehicle whilst knowing Yutong’s service policies.

In this activity, Yutong knew about the new clients in the bus market, and also guided the clients to keep good habits for the maintenance of after-treatment system, helping reduce the failure rate of after-treatment system. With this activity, dealers’ confidence in sales of Yutong buses has been strengthened, and clients’ recognition to Yutong also improved. The activiy also helped the sales people to know the accurate information of the new end users, laying a foundation for more new orders in future. The clients spoke highly of this activity. Through the activity, the clients believed that Yutong hasn’t forgotten them, and treats new and old clients in the same way by giving them the actual benefits. Through the activity, the clients have learned more about Yutong’s new products, and the information of end users has been further completed.

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