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City buses


Classic appearance


Simple and smooth lines of the whole vehicle form an aesthetic appearance. In addition, both the exteriors and interiors are also upgraded. Ultra large front windshield ensures the wide visual field and enhances the handling safety of the vehicle.


process, timeless

Yutong invested over 200 million yuan to build a fully automated electrophoresis production line, is the world's most advanced and  bus cathodic electrodeposition coating production lines, application Yutong electrophoresis, the film resistance after electrophoresis allows the vehicle to more than 1000 hours salt spray test, vehicle corrosion resistance, aesthetics can be greatly improved.

  • ZK6852HG


The interiors in a sense of elegancy and maturity, designed with beige and off-white colors matched together, exhibit an extraordinary taste and style. With the width of 1,789mm, which is comparatively wide among the same level,





Basic parameters

  • Engine modelYC4G180-40/YC4G180N-40
  • Dimension(mm)8545*2420*3085(3205 with A/C,3400 with CNG)
  • G.V.W.(kg)12200
  • Luggage compartment(M3)-
  • Max. speed(km/h)85


  • Chassis manufacturerZhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd
  • ClutchMechanical clutch
  • Gearbox5-speed manual gearbox
  • Brake systemDual circuit pneumatic brake, energy storage spring parking brake, ABS
  • Suspension systemLeaf spring, bidirectional telescopic shock absorber
  • Tire9R22.5(255/70R22.5 for NG)
  • Fuel tank (L)150
  • OthersThermal management system of engine


  • Seats25+1, mechanically adjustable driver seat
  • InteriorsIntegral air duct, simple interiors optional: luxury interiors
  • Air conditioner (A/C)None
  • Heating systemWebasto fuel heating + 4 wall-mounted radiator + driver heater + step heater + defroster
  • Audio & video systemSD memory card player
  • Service partsOptional: destination sign in different form, station announcer
  • Other facilitiesWindshield wiper

*Special statement:

Due to the conversion period between vehicle update and network display, the graphics and text parameters of the page may be different from the actual vehicle. The graphics and text content of the page are not used as the basis for actual vehicle booking. The actual vehicle configuration determined by the specific model and technical parameters shall prevail. Prospective buyers shall contact Yutong sales staff to confirm and Yutong reserves the right to change the picture parameters and the final interpretation.

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