Intercity buses


Tasteful appearance makes new classic

With excellent design of the appearance, Yutong V7 has an inherent tasteful style and makes a new classic.

Enjoy a pleasant trip in voluminous space
Yutong V7 perfectly combines the practicability with the comfort. Through the ergonomics research, Yutong set up multiple models in term of ride comfort, visual field, legroom, chest space, manipulation and so on from the perspec-tive of drivers and passengers so as to improve the ride and driving experience and make every trip a joyful one.
Ergonomic manipulation

From the layout of the interior space to the use of ergonomic seat design, from the lighting, entertainment devices to the temperature control system, all the designs are human-oriented so as to create a comfortable ride experience for passengers.

Separated control area for driver

Sufficient and rational storage space

Sedan-style four-spoke steering wheel

Multi-functional intelligent control panel

Safe and reliable

Yutong V7 brings the safety and reliability to a higher level.

Safe structure: the annular frame member ensures a safer travel and minor injury amid accidents.

Optional ZF gearbox boasts higher reliability.

Optional disc brake featuring excellent brake and heat dissipation capability as well as low failure rate can increase the service life by 60%.

Improved fuel economy

More rational power matching: the powerful engine, multi-speed transmission and final drive adapting to various road conditions can achieve lower fuel consumption.

Optional engine thermal management system can save the fuel by 5-10%.



Basic parameters

  • Engine modelYC4D140-20
  • Dimension(mm)7190*2240*2850(to roof hatch)/ 3010(to A/C)
  • G.V.W.(kg)7800
  • Luggage compartment(M3)0-1.4
  • Max. speed(km/h)100


  • Chassis manufacturerZhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd
  • ClutchDiaphragm clutch
  • GearboxDongfeng DF5S550, rope control
  • Brake systemDual circuit pneumatic brake, drum brake, automatic adjusting arm, parking brake, brake condenser
  • Suspension systemLeaf spring, front & rear anti-roll bar
  • Tire6+1,7.50R16
  • OthersNone


  • Seats27+1
  • InteriorsSimple interiors
  • Air conditioner (A/C)None
  • Heating systemImported independent water heating, high-power water heating defrosting
  • Audio & video systemMP3 player
  • Service partsReverse buzzer
  • Other facilitiesWindshield wiper, electric horn, 1 jack

*Special statement:

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