City buses

  • 12500*2500*3150


  • 16000


  • 44+1



Beauty of the City


Yutong ZK6131HG1 is a tailor-made product for the Australian market featuring mainstream high-end configuration, good reliability and durability, and elegant appearance. Based on the close cooperation in the local area and high-efficient service, it opens a casual and pleasant trip for you.

Great aesthetics is Simplicity


The eye-catching appearance makes you to love ZK6131HG1 at first sight. Following the principle of Great Aesthetics is Simplicity, ZK6131HG1 has concise lines, sheer black and white colors and square style. Its beauty of simplicity makes the natural scenery and urban colorfulness become more attractive.

  • ZK6131HG1

Exquisite interiors

The seats of ZK6131HG1 are all in blue and look like a piece of ocean, making people have a fresh and calm feeling The voluminous space enables passengers to move freely and makes the driver feel comfortable. The design of the interior space provides a more convenient operation for the driver, thus reducing the fatigue caused by long-time operation and letting the driver and passengers enjoy the journey all the way.




Basic parameters

  • Engine modelISL8.9E5320B
  • Dimension(mm)12500*2500*3150
  • G.V.W.(kg)16000
  • Luggage compartment(M3)0
  • Max. speed(km/h)100


  • Chassis manufacturerZhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd
  • Clutch-
  • GearboxAT
  • Brake systemDual circuit pneumatic brake, energy storage spring parking brake, ABS, retarder
  • Suspension systemAir suspension, bidirectional telescopic shock absorber
  • Tire295/80R22.5
  • Fuel tank (L)300
  • Others-


  • Seats44+1
  • InteriorsIntegral air duct, air outlet of A/C
  • Air conditioner (A/C)Non-independent roof-mounted A/C (32000kcal/h)
  • Heating systemNone
  • Audio & video systemMP3 player
  • Service partsHandicap ramp
  • Other facilitiesWindshield wiper, get-off button