City buses



Yutong has developed a number of hybrid buses ranging from 8m to 18m. At present, the main hybrid product for the overseas market is ZK6125CHEVG.

Super energy-saving & Very convenient

Super energy-saving:with XCVT hybrid system, the decoupling of engine and vehicle speed can be achieved through the double-row planetary gearbox. Through the optimization of the whole vehicle control strategy, the engine can always work within the optimal working curve, thus improving the economy of whole vehicles.

Very convenient: the car-style dashboard, gear selection panel and commonly used buttons positioned on the console facilitate the driving.

Super safe & Super comfortable

Super safe:when the collision hazard occurs, the vehicle motion sensor can detect the collision action, and the control system of the vehicle will disconnect the relay of the capacitor system.

Super comfortable:the hybrid buses that achieve stepless speed change boast smooth start-up and make passengers feel more comfortable.



Basic parameters

  • Engine modelISDe245 31
  • Dimension(mm)12000*2550*3145


  • Chassis manufacturerZhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd
  • Brake systemDual circuit pneumatic service brake,full disc brake,energy storage spring parking brake,WABCO EBS
  • TireMichelin 295/80R22.5
  • Fuel tank (L)200


  • Seats36+1/31+1
  • Air conditioner (A/C)None,optional:A/C with cooling capacity 38000Kcal/h BOCK compressor

*Special statement:

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