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100 Yutong electric buses exported to Kazakhstan


Recently, 100 Yutong E12 full electric buses arrived in Kazakhstan. The first batch of 20 buses has been put into operation in the core bus routes of Nur-Sultan, capital city of Kazakhstan and the second coldest capital in the world. The remaining vehicles will also be put into operation step by step.

100 Yutong electric buses exported to Kazakhstan

It is reported that this is the first time for Kazakhstan to purchase full electric buses in large quantity, which is also the largest single order of full electric buses in Kazakhstan and even in the CIS countries. The conclusion of the order is not only the affirmation of Yutong's long-time endeavor in the Kazakhstan market, but also full of expectations for the future development.

As we all know, Kazakhstan boasts rich oil and gas resources and is the largest country of oil and gas resource in Central Asia. Nowadays, Kazakhstan is involved in the wave of global new energy development and is actively building its green transportation system. Ultimately, they chose Yutong to provide them the new energy city buses among a host of bus makers.

100 Yutong electric buses exported to Kazakhstan

In January 2019, the Kazakhstan customers took a Yutong full electric bus for trial operation in Nur-Sultan after careful inspection. The excellent performance of the vehicle, such as good reliability, smooth driving, environmental friendliness, intelligent control, easy access to maintenance and good ride comfort soon won many praises from local people, government departments and operators.

The winter in Nur-Sultan is very cold, and the temperature is usually below minus 40℃. Even in such extremely cold environment, Yutong full electric buses can still run normally, which further strengthen the confidence of the country to deploy new energy buses.

100 Yutong electric buses exported to Kazakhstan

In mid-2019, Kazakhstan held a bidding of new energy buses, and Yutong’s full electric buses stood out among other counterparts and won the bidding of 100 units. From one unit to 100 units, the operation of Yutong full electric buses will create a more comfortable transportation environment for local people, and meanwhile enhance the national image of Kazakhstan.

"Now we also have the chance to take buses with the world's advanced level. This is a powerful measure of the government to benefit the public which is worthy of praise", said the local people. The 100 Yutong full electric city buses boast zero emissions and will bring high-quality travel experience to the local people.

In fact, early in 2005, the first Yutong bus entered the Kazakhstan market. As of December 2019, Yutong's total sales volume in Kazakhstan has exceeded 2,000 units, accounting for more than 40% of China's exports of large and medium-sized buses exported to the country.

100 Yutong electric buses exported to Kazakhstan

It is worth mentioning that low temperature is the "touchstone" of full electric buses. In order to conquer the freezing cold weather in winter in Kazakhstan, Yutong has taken a variety of measures on the thermal resistant performance of these full electric buses, which can withstand the local special climate environment and meet the full-day operational demand after being fully charged.

100 Yutong electric buses exported to Kazakhstan

In the future, Yutong will continue to adhere to the customer-oriented philosophy in Kazakhstan and create greater value for customers, thus ensuring the good travel experience for the local area.   

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