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ZK6140BD yutong bus(Airport airfield bus,)
ZK6140BD yutong bus(Airport airfield bus,)
ZK6140BD yutong bus(Airport airfield bus,)
ZK6140BD yutong bus(Airport airfield bus,)
ZK6140BD yutong bus(Airport airfield bus,)


Airport airfield bus

Configuration parameters

  • Parameter

  • Chassis

  • Body

  • Engine model :
  • Dimension(mm) :
  • G.V.W.(kg) :
  • Luggage compartment(M3) :
  • Max. speed(km/h) :
  • Chassis manufacturer :
    Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
  • Clutch :
  • Gearbox :
  • Brake system :
  • Suspension system :
  • Tire :
  • Fuel tank (L) :
  • LHD/RHD :
  • Others :
  • Seats :
  • Interiors :
  • Air conditioner (A/C) :
  • Heating system :
  • Audio & video system :
  • Service parts :
  • Other facilities :

Products Features



Special design of the appearance

Yutong ZK6140BD airfield bus is a high-quality vehicle specially designed for the transportation of passengers on the airfield that meets their actual demands. In terms of the exterior appearance, it is really a distinctive classic work.

* Ultra large front windshield provides a wide visual field for drivers.

* Electric rearview mirrors without blind spot enhance the vision of drivers. The electric defrosting function of mirrors improves the driving safety.

* Equipped with the high-quality anti-pinch system, the service door will automatically reopen when it encounters some obstacles while closing to prevent passengers from being pinched.

* Only when all service doors are closed can the vehicle be started to ensure the safety of passengers.

Elegant and comfortable interiors

Through the optimization, the interior space of the vehicle is greatly increased and gives passengers the top riding experience. The passenger seats with environmentally friendly materials are good for the health of passengers and easy to clean. The speaker phones on both side walls realize the communication between the driver and passengers.

* The luggage racks at the front, middle and rear service doors take full use of the interior space.

* The handrail poles facilitate the standing and alighting of passengers without compromising the interior space.

* NVH mute technology effectively reduces the interior noise by 4-7 decibels and provides a more comfortable environment for passengers.

* With the distinctive structure, the floor boasts water-resistant, corrosion-resistant and anti-aging surface characteristics.

  • ZK6140BD

First-class manipulation

The instrument panels are very clear while the control buttons are easy to access. Taking the features of human bodies into consideration and applying ergonomic designs, the driving comfort is improved, thus bringing unparalleled operating experience to drivers. Meanwhile, the driving safety is greatly enhanced as well.

* The LCD display on the dashboard facilitates the driver to observe the boarding and alighting of passengers.

* The new generation CAN bus under the centralized control of computers improves the visualization of faults and makes the repair and maintenance more convenient.

* The new-style ECAS lifting system enables the vehicle to kneel on both sides to facilitate the access of passengers.



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